Oral Probiotics For Bad Breath- Treat Bad Breath For Good!


One of the most common interests for patients when they visit the dental office is treating their bad breath.

As a Dental Hygienist, I hear this concern expressed more frequently than any other.

Imagine if there were a way to eliminate bad breath for good (not just temporarily).  Probiotics are healthy bacteria.  Until recently, they have mostly been known only for their positive impact on digestive health.

Research is now showing how they can also keep our mouths healthy too.  Treating bad breath is one of the many positive outcomes of using oral probiotics.

Bad breath stinks!  Watch this video for an explanation of how oral probiotics work.                                                                             

Thankfully, using oral probiotics for bad breath can help.  They address the issue of bad breath among many other oral health conditions.   This scientific discovery is just what we have been looking for.  This article will discuss the best oral probiotics to treat bad breath for good.

Oral probiotics are different from regular probiotics and they are essential for keeping the oral microbiome in balance.  Learn more about the microbiology of the mouth and oral probiotics from Wikipedia.

These probiotics are a promising area of research as scientists are discovering that they are an all natural and effective way to fight bad breath, plaque, gum disease and several other undesirable oral health conditions.

Studies show how the friendly microorganisms of probiotics have health benefits far beyond the gut and are likely to improve overall dental health.

Have We Finally Discovered a Solution to Bad Breath?

Certain conditions like poor oral hygiene, medications, dry mouth and plaque accumulation make it a hospitable place for bacteria to thrive.

The bacteria give off a by product as they break down called volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs). The primary source of bad breath is from the volatile sulfur gases produced by bacterial overgrowth.

There needs to be a proper amount of good and bad bacteria. When bacteria are reduced with such products as antimicrobial rinses, the amount of bacteria can become deranged.

Using oral probiotics for bad breath works differently than using antimicrobial products. They work by repopulating the good bacteria and limiting the growth of the bad bacteria.

When the mouth is exposed to these probiotics, such as the probiotics in Hyperbiotics Pro Dental oral probiotics, it becomes colonized with bacteria unable to produce VSCs. This is just what we want to happen!

Not only do these probiotics crowd out the bad bacteria but also introduce proven strains of beneficial bacteria. They reduce the acidic pH levels and produce natural anti-bacterial agents.

When this happens, less volatile sulfur compounds are formed which improves bad breath.

No VSCs equals no bad breath for good!

What Makes Oral Probiotics Different from Other Probiotics?

Most people are familiar with probiotics for the gut.

They are trying to do the right thing by taking these supplements because they know they are beneficial for proper digestion. The most common forms are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

These gut probiotics usually come in a capsule form so they can resist the acidic pH and gastric juices of the digestive system. Traditional probiotics contain bacterial strains that are native to the gut.

On the other hand, oral probiotics contain beneficial strains specific to the oral microbiome.

Hyperbiotics have created a product called Pro Dental that has revolutionized how the dental profession treats bad breath, cavities and unhealthy gums.  Please read the review for Hyperbiotics Pro Dental oral probiotics.

They are available in the form of a chewable mint tablet that can be chewed or sucked on.  This provides longer exposure where the beneficial bacteria can colonize in the mouth.


The main area in our mouth for bacteria to form is on the surface of the tongue and in and around the gum tissue.

The beneficial bacteria for our mouths is Streptococcus salivarius. Oral probiotics contain two strains of these bacteria called K12 and M18 and have been shown to significantly address an unhealthy mouth.

In fact, Streptococcus salivarius is often found to be deficient in people who suffer from bad breath.

M18 produces an enzyme that helps to loosen and dissolve the formation of plaque biofilm. In addition, the K12 strain produces a natural protein that prevents the growth of bad breath causing bacteria.  Get one product with both of these strains in Hyperbiotics from Pro Dental.

Treat Bad Breath For Good!

When oral probiotics (good bacteria) are consumed on a regular basis, they basically compete with the harmful (bad bacteria) in the mouth.

When the oral microbiome is repopulated by using oral probiotics, the proper amounts of both good and bad bacteria exist. The byproducts of the bad bacteria, or VSCs (volatile sulfur compounds) are decreased.

The presence of Streptococcus salivarius K12 also acts to kill bacteria causing bad breath.

Probiotic lozenges promote the strain K12 and compete with the bacteria which lives mostly in and around your gums and on the surface of the tongue.

These areas are the favorite areas for the bacteria that produce VSCs to live. Streptocococcus salivarius K12 reduces bad breath by out competing the source of these smelly gases.

What Exactly is the Microbiome, Anyway?

The mouth is host to millions and millions of microbes (bacteria) that make up your oral microbiome.

It is considered to be the gateway to the rest of the body because it is the beginning of the digestive system.oral-probiotics-for-bad-breath-treat-bad-breath-for-good

If there isn’t enough of the good bacteria, the bad bacteria can pass to the rest of the body causing many other health problems.

The most studied of these concerns to date include cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.

Oral Probiotics May Be the Answer for Dental Health

Several studies have been completed showing how they can help fight bad breath.

One study included 23 people who either took a placebo (fake supplement) or a Streptococcus salivarius probiotic supplement. Each of the participants used an antimicrobial mouthrinse prior to the study.

The study showed that major reductions in the amount of bacteria causing bad breath were found in 85 percent of the people using oral probiotics.

Most mouthrinses and products work to reduce bacteria in the mouth.oral-probiotics-for-bad-breath-treat-bad-breath-for-good

Unfortunately, they target all bacteria, including the beneficial ones. Not all bacteria are bad for you.

We actually need and depend on the millions and millions of them to maintain health.

By relying on antimicrobial products, we are in essence destroying too many of the good along with the bad.

In comparison, think about how antibiotics destroy bacteria in our gut. They destroy the bad but also destroy our necessary good ones.

Using oral probiotics for bad breath is shown to work in the same way to preserve and repopulate our good bacteria in our mouths just as probiotics do this for our gut.

More of a Good Thing

For people who want to reduce the amount of their cavities, Hyperbiotics Pro Dental oral probiotics may offer a valuable adjunct to their home care.

Studies show significantly reduced amounts of plaque accumulation for people who use them. Also, they produce anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial for those who have gum disease.

There are many other areas of promising benefits other than reducing bad breath and cavities.

Among these are the reduction of tonsil stones, less ear infections, less tooth sensitivity, reduced yeast overgrowth and less dry mouth.

Oral probiotics are a welcome adjunct to good oral hygiene.  They can easily be added into the daily routine of brushing twice a day and flossing once a day.oral-probiotics-for-bad-breath-treat-bad-breath-for-good

Our Mouths are Connected to Our Bodies!

We need to understand the health benefits of a balanced microbiome in our mouths.

The body is a system of very complex interactions that take place on a consistent basis designed to keep us healthy.

Eliminating bad breath is only one of the many benefits of oral probiotics.  Please check out the review for Hyperbiotics Oral Probiotics.

Our mouth is not isolated from the rest of our body and by first and foremost keeping our mouths healthy we shall seek health in our entire bodies.

Thank you for reading.  Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I will gladly respond to them. 

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Hyperbiotics Pro Dental Review- Eliminate Bad Breath

Probiotics are healthy  bacteria.  Until recently, they have only been known for their impact on digestive health.  Research is now starting to show that they can also help to keep your mouth healthy.

Here is a breakdown of the most important factors you need to know when choosing this highly rated and effective oral probiotic.

Product:  Hyperbiotics Pro Dental Review

Cheapest Place to Buy:  Check here for best price available- Amazon.com

Size of Container:  45 tablets

Ingredients:  Streptococcus salivarius M18, Streptococcus salivarius K12, Lactobacillus reuteri, Lactobacillus paracasei

Specifics:  Vegetarian, Non GMO, Free of gluten and yeast.  No artificial colors, artificial flavors, iron, soy, sugar, nuts or preservatives

Guarantee:  100% money back guarantee for any reason if not completely satisfied


My Rating:  9.75 out of 10  (Minty taste but would be nice to have other flavors)

Watch this video to learn how Hyperbiotics oral probiotics work.

Hyperbiotics Pro Dental, Product Overview

Most people do not realize that probiotic strains make up our oral microbiome and are contained in our mouths.  These strains are different than the ones that populate the gut microbiome.

If the balance of the good bacteria in the oral cavity is compromised, dental health problems will arise.

One of the most common problems is bad breath.

Hyperbiotics Pro Dental contains a strain called K12 that when colonized in the mouth, will actually freshen breath.

It does this by crowding out the odor causing bacteria.

But How Does this Product Actually Work?

This product contains 3 billion CFUS per chewable tablet.  It contains the strains Streptococcus salivarius K12, Streptococcus M18, Lactobacillus reuteri, Lactobacillus paracasei.  These strains work to address the root cause of oral concerns.  They work to support the health of our teeth, gums, nose, ears, throat and sinuses.  Learn more here about oral microbiology and oral probiotics from Wikipedia.

The amount of CFUs is far below what is needed for probiotics for the gut.  These strains easily colonize in the mouth with the preferred delivery method of chewing each tablet.  They do not have to survive the harsh environment of the stomach acid.

Best Way to Use Them, It’s Up to You!

Hyperbiotics Pro Dental oral probiotics are best used after brushing or rinsing with an antibacterial mouthrinse or toothpaste.  This is because these products kill both the good and the bad bacteria in the mouth.

Pro Dental will repopulate the oral cavity with beneficial bacteria.Hyperbiotics-Pro-Dental-Review-Eliminate-Bad-Breath

We Know They Work but What Else?

No refrigeration is needed due to a patented manufacturing process.  This increases the stability of the product and prolongs shelf life.   They are made in the USA under strict quality control and FDA guidelines.

Our mouth is the gatekeeper in charge of defending microbes that enter our bodies.  This product will help us to live more healthful days!

Research on the microbiome is still a relatively new concept and it is changing the practice of medicine as we know it.

Try It to Believe it For Yourself!

I encourage you to try this product for yourself.  You will be amazed at the results which are usually noticeable in a short period of time.  Research shows oral health improvement within 24 hours and full benefit reached within 7 days.

Please feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment of your own after trying the product for yourself.  More information about oral probiotics may be found here.  You will love the results and the results are guaranteed with a no questions asked money back guarantee if not completely satisfied!

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Best Dry Mouth Remedy 2019

Finally, an All Natural Product to Relieve Dry Mouth

Dry mouth most often is a side affect of medication use. It can also be caused by other systemic medical conditions like diabetes or a reduction in the amount of saliva produced due to chemotherapy or radiation.

The scientific term for dry mouth is xerostomia. Learn more about xerostomia here from Wikipedia.

Being dehydrated, reduction in the weather’s humidity when the air becomes drier or simply aging can contribute to dry mouth symptoms.

There is now an all natural product that can provide long-lasting relief of dry mouth symptoms that is fast becoming the first choice of products.

Oracoat Xylimelts coat, lubricates and moisturizes with a controlled release of xylitol which stimulates saliva.

About Xylimelts

Oracoat Xylimelts contain the active ingredient xylitol in combination with cellulose gum in an oral adhering disc that fully dissolves as it is slowly released in the mouth.

The ingredients stimulate saliva, lubricate, moisturize and soothe the oral tissues as they release calcium carbonate in addition to xylitol that can neutralize acids.

Xylimelts supports relieve dry mouth and support oral health in these ways:

  • Allows use while sleeping when saliva flow is at its lowest
  • Does not affect appearance or talking
  • Stays discreetly in place along gumline
  • Can be used while eating or drinking
  • Safe all natural ingredients
  • Keeps mouth moister for longer periods of time
  • Reduces plaque and new cavities
  • increased saliva flow reduces bad breath

Benefits of Xylitol

Bacteria in the mouth can’t use xylitol to produce cavities like it does with sugar. Xylitol inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause cavities by not allowing the bacteria to grow.

Xylitol is a food substance that is a natural sweetner. It has fewer calories than sugar and is comparable in sweetness to sugar but does not promote tooth decay like sugar does.

Another benefit of xylitol is to stimulate saliva for up to 8 hours. OraCoat Xylimelts coat, moisturize and lubricate the mouth during this treatment time.

So Easy to Use!

Simply place an OraCoat Xylimelt at the gumline on the outside area of a molar. After about 10 seconds your saliva will mix with the outer coating creating an adhesive like surface.

Leave the disc in place for up to 8 hours. Most people use these at night when they are bothered most by dry mouth. However, this product can be used anytime day or night.

Two discs can be used at once by placing one on each side of the mouth above each molar. Most people get sufficient relief of dry mouth by only using one at a time

Dry Mouth is More than an Annoyance

Having dry mouth or low saliva can be more than just a noisense. It increases the risk of these other problems:

  • Bad breath
  • Gingivitis
  • Gum disease
  • Cavities
  • Infections
  • Sores in and around the mouth
  • Problems tasting, chewing and swallowing

OraCoat Xylimelts are Best All Natural Solution-Dry Mouth Gone!

I invite you to try this product for yourself. As a Dental Hygienist, I have seen many of my patients get great relief from using this product. It is a very non invasive, easy to use and all natural solution to dry mouth.

This product is very cost effective also with most available for a mere 18 cents per disc. OraCoat Xylimelts can be purchased on Amazon.

Please leave a comment with your own personal experience with this product. I invite you to share your experience with others! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I would be very happy to help.

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Is a Waterpik Better than Flossing?- Which Is Better?

Waterpik Vs Flossing Is-A-Waterpik-Better-Than-Flossing?-Waterpik-Vs-Flossing

We already know that flossing is an effective way to keep your mouth healthy and plaque free. Move over flossing…now there is a better way!

This article will describe the Waterpik and it’s effectiveness compared to flossing. The types of products to choose from will be highlighted.

You will see why more and more people are choosing the Waterpik vs flossing for their oral health.

What Is a Waterpik? An Old Concept With New Promise

A Waterpik is a brand of oral irrigator that produces a wide range of water flossers. Water flossers are used to remove plaque, biofilm and food debris by directing a forced spray of water between your teeth and along your gumline.

The Waterpik is the most widely known and popular brand of water flosser. It accepted by the ADA (American Dental Association).

The ADA only awards these products with a seal of acceptance if it is proven to be safe and effective at removing plaque and preventing and reducing gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).

Flossing Can’t Reach All the Areas

Oral irrigators like the Waterpik create a pulsating action. This is a compression and decompression type of action that gets into the spaces between your teeth and gums.

This pulsating action reaches deep into these spaces up to 6mm where traditional floss only reaches 2-3mm. WaterIs-A-Waterpik-Better-Than-Flossing?-Waterpik-Vs-Flosssingpiks produce a hydraulic force with 1,200 pulsations per minute which forces out the plaque.

This is a superior to flossing as floss just cannot effectively reach these areas.  Learn more about how a Waterpik works here from Wikipedia.

Most People Don’t Like to Floss

Clinical studies show that flossing helps clean between your teeth. Flossing is an essential part of taking care of your teeth and gums by preventing cavities, gum disease and bad breath.

However, only half of people floss daily and about one in every five people report not flossing at all.  Learn more about an innovative device from Waterpik that accomplishes both brushing and flossing at the same time.  This product is the Waterpik Sonic-Fusion.

Flossing requires skill to be effective and most people do not feel they have the dexterity to do it properly. As a Dental Hygienist I hear my patients complain all day long that they “Don’t like to floss!”.

Using an oral irrigator requires less manual dexterity. It only takes a minute to clean your whole entire mouth.

All you need is water beyond your initial investment and is appropriate for people of any age. With supervision children as young as 6 can easily use a Waterpik.Is-A-Waterpik-Better-Than-Flossing?-Waterpik-Vs-Flossing

Waterpik Gives a Better Option

An oral irrigator reaches areas floss cannot. These areas include periodontal pockets (pockets around your teeth and gums) from gum disease, areas around braces, under bridges and around implants to name a few.

The flow of water gently and effectively removes plaque and food debris better than floss. The Waterpik is 51% more effective at reducing inflammation of the gums (gingivitis). It is two times as effective as floss at reducing bleeding gums and 29% more effective at removing plaque.

For those who have braces, the Waterpik provides three times the reduction of plaque vs string floss and a manual brush. Keeping braces clean is super challenging and this product makes it a lot easier.

Lot’s of Styles to Chose From

Waterpik has many styles to choose from depending on your needs. If you have a place on your countertop, the model with a reservoir may be right for you. There is also a portable option for those who like to travel.

Some styles include an electric toothbrush which is super beneficial. Electric toothbrushes clean better by giving you more effective brush strokes. You will get 30,000 to 50,000 brush strokes per minute compared to the average 500 brush strokes per minute with a manual version.

Electric toothbrush versions also give you a built in timer for 2 minutes. This allows you to brush for a full two minutes, the recommended time it takes to be effective.Is-A-Waterpik-Better-Than-Flossing?-Waterpik-Vs-Flossing

Only Clean the Teeth You Wish to Keep

In conclusion it is important to note that you do not need to clean all of your teeth…only the ones you wish to keep! Because many people struggle with traditional flossing, Waterpik has given them a better option to do this.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this article. On the market there are many products to choose from but this brand of oral irrigator is the only one I really recommend. Please check out the top rated Waterpik oral irrigator here.

Feel free to leave your comments or questions and I will gladly answer any of your concerns.

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Brush and Floss at the Same Time- Sonic-Fusion from Waterpik

Why Just Brush When You Can Floss at the Same Time?

The WaterPik-Sonic Fusion is clinically proven to be twice as effective as traditional brushing and flossing. The use of floss by the American public remains low.

The majority of the population does not floss. In fact, only 30% of adults age 30 and older report daily flossing according to a 2016 US News and World Report survey on flossing habits of Americans.

37% report less than daily flossing and 32% surveyed said they never flossed.

Most people struggle to fit in the recommended twice daily brushing for two minutes.

Now, by using the Sonic-Fusion flossing toothbrush, both tasks can be accomplished simultaneously!


Your dental checkups will be the proof of how amazing this product is.  I have seen dramatic improvements in the oral health of my patients even after a short period of time using this product.

A New Design for an old Concept

No longer is string flossing the gold standard for removing plaque and food debris from between the teeth.


Water irrigation has been shown to be much more effective at removing plaque and reducing gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) compared with manual toothbrushing and using string floss. Learn more about oral irrigation here from Wikipedia.

This amazing new product provides a water jet inside its brush head that projects a controlled pressurized burst of water simultaneous to its sonic action brushing mode of the toothbrush bristles.

Three modes of action include brush, floss and brush + floss.

A built in timer provides for controlled 2 minutes of brushing with a built in 30 second indicator providing a prompt to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth.

There is a water reservoir that can be used with water or an additional antimicrobial mouthwash if desired.

The product includes two different water brushing floss heads and a toothbrush case.

The Waterpik Sonic-Fusion has earned the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

This means that it has been recognized with a symbol of safety and efficacy. Being accepted by the ADA takes the guesswork out of purchasing a product.

This product also comes with a 3 year limited warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee by Waterpik.

Oral Homecare Has Never Been Easier!

I invite you to try this product for yourself. You need to see it to believe it.

Two amazing products now combined into one has never been easier to use.

As a Dental Hygienist, I have seen remarkable improvements in my patient’s mouths once they started using this product.  You can go to Amazon to learn more about Waterpik SonicFusion.

This product is a complete game changer for everyone looking to save time and effectively clean their teeth. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I would be more than happy to help.

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About the author

My name is Michelle and I am a Dental Hygienist. I have practiced Dental Hygiene in a variety of settings from general practices to specialty periodontal offices for the past 28 years.  I have enjoyed meeting people through the years and helping people learn about their oral health.  I am extremely excited about the advances is science and technology.  These advances allow for improved oral hygiene with each new discovery.  My goal is to make this information available to all who can benefit from it.  Our mouths are connected to our bodies and a healthy mouth will lead to overall health.

What we now know

In my career I have learned that there are several factors that contribute to a person’s overall oral health.  Home care habits and risk factors play a part but we now know there are other factors involved in a person’s oral health that may be just as important to consider.

These factors include such things as a person’s oral microbiome. In other words, the type of bacteria they have in their mouth. Probiotics have become a factor in changing the oral microbiome.  Another important factor is how our bodies react to inflammation.  By controlling inflammation, we can in turn reduce the unwanted result of oral destruction caused by inflammation.

Some of my patients have done everything they can to keep their mouths healthy but to no avail. Oral probiotics, proper home care and adjunctive therapies can help promote health in the mouth of these people when all other efforts have failed.  Having seen the results first hand, I am committed to helping others by sharing the latest information in science and technology to promote oral health.

By learning about the latest advances in oral health, you can see how they may be right for you if you have issues with bad breath, cavities, infections or gum disease.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



please email questions/comments to support@oralprobiotichealth.com

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